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Windows Software for Family History / Genealogy

Family Trees Family
Descendants Relationships Documents
Photos Track Your
Family History
Forget No
Fun / Fast / Friendly.
Easy to use tutorials.
for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

FAMware is all about the Family (including Family History and Genealogy)!


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"Build Your Family Tree"
"Organize a Family Reunion"
"Document Your Family History"
"Store Photos and Document Images"
"Maintain Your Own Genealogy Database"
"List Your Ancestors and Their Descendants"

"Produce Impressive Charts to Show Relatives"
"Never Forget Birthdays & Anniversaries Again"

"Maintain a Family Calendar and Address Book"

"Create/Display Family Messages of the Day"
"Learn the Names of Family Relationships"

"Organize Your Research With To-Do Lists"
"Import and Export GEDCOM Files"
"Maintain a Family Photo Album"

"Search Your Database"

. . . and other fun things

  Family Software

Desktop Software for Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10!

 Satisfaction Guaranteed


                                                                "a myriad of wonderful reports"




Select a person from your database at the left.  Click a toolbar button at the top. 

In this example the [Ancestor] toolbar button was selected to display David's ancestors on the right:

(Click the Toolbar area below for a complete description of the toolbar buttons)


Click for ToolBar description



In this example the [Link] toolbar button was selected to display the family link window.

With David's father moved to the "PERSON" position, a family photo is displayed at the left:



With David's brother Roger moved to the "PERSON" position, this link window is displayed.



Click "PERSON" (above) for fast Data Entry of Roger Atwood:


Family Software has all the features you need to establish a complete genealogy and family history system.


Click here for a more detailed list of Family Software's features . . .

Click here to download and install FAMware.


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