Browning Safes Axis Drawer

For the smaller items that require extra storage but don't seem to have a place of their own, store them in your safe using the Browning Safes Axis Drawer. Fitting with your Axis-compatible Browning Safe, this Drawer from Browning Safes is easy to install with a simple hook, making a place to store your delicate items in mere seconds. Ideal for the items you would previously place on the floor, the Browning Safes Axis Protective Drawer saves storage space in your safe while eliminating the chance for your valuables to get knocked off miscellaneous shelves and accidentally damaged. Even your small items require protection, and that protection is available thanks to the Browning Safes Steel Axis Drawer.

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Specifications for Browning Safes Axis Storage Drawer:

Fits: Axis shelving compatible Browning Safes
Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz
Material: Steel

Features of Browning Safes Axis Drawer Attachment:

  • Protects smaller and more delicate items from getting lost or broken
  • Easily hooks into place

1-Browning Safes Axis Drawer
2-Browning Safes Axis Drawer
3-Browning Safes Axis Drawer
4-Browning Safes Axis Drawer
5-Browning Safes Axis Drawer

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Rahul - Add Reply

Absolutely love the drawer for storing small items that would other wise have to take up valuable shelf space. The fact that it hangs under the shelf means it adds space in areas that are not normally used. That being said, I am little disappointed in the quality - the bubble wrap it was shipped in “printed” on the front of the drawer and can not be cleaned off the vinyl(?) wood looking wrap. Also, the metal frame it sits in is not exactly straight and can not be adjusted. Since I am the only one who ever sees this I am not worried about it, but it is disappointing compared to the quality I have come to expect from Pro steel / Browning safes. Would buy again because there is the best option for what I wanted.

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