Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt, Black LGB150B

The LIGER Gun Belt represents a major break-through in gun belt design, utilizing custom components and proprietary processes developed by and available exclusively from EDGYGEAR INC. The Ligerthane belt material is a 21st century composite developed by EDGYGEAR INC. Thanks to its high-strength resin-embedded polyester fabric core, Ligerthane possesses over 2,000 lbs of tensile strength with over 300 lbs of hole pull strength. The highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane coating makes the belt totally impervious to salt water, blood, mildew, mold, rot and resistant to many common solvents. Ligerthane is flexible along its length for comfort yet stiff along its width so you can carry holsters, sheaths, or pouches without the belt sagging or twisting. Ligerthane has a super grip interior so the belt and any belt holstered items stay put while the LigerDerm patterned exterior imparts a supple, organic appearance. The LIGER Gun Belt is tough enough to wear with your BDU's but attractive enough for dress slacks making it ideal for discreet CCW. Best of all, Ligerthane is easy-to-clean, just rinse with mild detergent and wipe dry. The LIGER Gun Belt buckle is painstakingly machined from a solid billet of T6-6061 aircraft aluminum with Maxpedition exclusive integral LigerTooth hook design. In other words, the hook is part of the same piece of material as the buckle (NOT plugged or glued in, NOT brazed or welded on) After a two-step finishing process, Type-III hard-anodized finish (MILSPEC-A-8625) is applied for incredible wear resistance. The LIGER buckle and Ligerthane belt are riveted together using robust 3/16in stainless steel rivets resulting in a strong, permanent one-piece construction.

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Hazel - Add Reply

I have never been a fan of synthetic belts, but this Liger completely changed my mind! This belt is sturdy, durable, won't scratch the way leather does, and looks good. The only downside is still a plus - the buckle fastner is still difficult to open and close, but also assures that my gear won't come off! Pros: Durrable and looks great Cons: Belt buckle fastner is diffucult to open and close

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Urban - Add Reply

This is my second liger, I have some long term experience with the product. The belt just can support the weight of the gun and does not deform. I have had many leather belts including strong gun belt nearly a quarter inch thick but in the long they all deformed around the position of the gun. This one does not. And unlike the thickest leather belt the liger can be easily worn with a suit.

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Presley - Add Reply

Very high quality. I like the color, and it is perfect for concealed carry... Runs smaller than normal... so order a larger size.. I ordered a size 34 and it came more like a 30 so I ordered a 38.. . Hard to find.. Came with the free knife..!!!

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