Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die

Price Save Up to 40% from $127 to $75.99

Besides the 30-30 model, each Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die available here is non-crimping and perfectly holds the bullet and case for accurate alignment during seating. These Reloading Dies and Die Accessories made by Forster feature clearly marked graduations at .001in for high visibility that creates a simpler seating experience. The Forster Ultra Micrometer Marked Seater Die allows you to fine-tune in either direction since it's easily adjustable to .0005in. Enhance your seating experience with the simplifying features of this Forster Bench Rest Ultra Micrometer Seater Die.

92.5 /100
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Specifications for Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die:

Quantity: 1
Color: Black
Weight: 1.3 lb

Features of Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die:

  • Includes all the popular straight line seating features of the original Bench Rest Seater Die plus an ultra-accurate micrometer for adjusting bullet seating depth.
  • Micrometer allows fine adjustments in either direction; easily adjustable to .0005 inch.
  • Index marks at increments of .001 inch are clearly marked.
  • After you have seated your bullet close to the desired depth and measured it, simply adjust the micrometer stem down to the desired depth and the cartridge will be exactly the length you need.
  • Eliminates much of the trial and error that was once associated with seating accurate rounds.
  • Bright, white markings make micrometer easy to read.

1-Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die
2-Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die

  • PROS
  • Speed and concentricithy
  • Very well made
  • superb functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Sleeve, micrometer
  • Best seating stem for 6.5 bullets!
  • highly accurate
  • Super accurate, easy setup n cleaning.
  • easy to use and adjust
  • CONS
  • Ogive indentation
  • tight seating stem
  • Pricey, needs a better box for storage when not in use.
  • expenisive but worth it

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Miller - Add Reply

Very heavy duty precision construction. Since I shoot NRA highpower rifle matches,I bought two of them; 1 for 80gr 600yard load and another for 75gr shortline loads. Using the Forester press allows ease of changing out the dies while reloading. I also realized after checking the concentricity that there is really no reason to check every round. Concentricity has never been out more than .001" and most are .0005" or better.

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Zachariah - Add Reply

I’d been using a RCBS bullet seating die and fighting seating depth variations of .01”. Made the switch to this one and the first 50 I ran had a max variance of +\- .001”. Very well made and accurate

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Tom - Add Reply

In checking the runout on bullets seated with the ultra micrometer they are less than 3 thousands, unless there are problems with the casing. Much more consistent than regular dies from any manufacture.

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Elias - Add Reply

Great product, using this die I consistently get 2 thousandths run out. Lee dies has me between 8-10. Micrometer is nice too. I have found with a lee breech lock press you’ll run the micrometer and die just about all the way in for 123amax projectiles but easy to lock down and roll. Always good stuff from Forster

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Elvis - Add Reply

Quality seating die with the precise, repeatable adjustment and a competitive price. I am new to relaoding but this die was recommended to me by my peers. It seems to have all the features of the more expensive competition dies but at a little better price.

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Kristoffer - Add Reply

Oh sure, you could buy cheaper mass-produced reloading dies, but as the old saw goes - buy quality and cry only once. Starting with a bullet seated long, then jammed into the lands and the instructions to zero the micrometer head, you can find, measure, and repeat a seating depth to the positively measured .001 inch. For a few minutes of additional research on the interwebs, you can find concurring opinions from the people living in your computer - this seating die is the real deal and well worth the couple extra dollars. Furthermore, OpticsPlanet ships quickly - I was very impressed given the obscure nature of the boutique caliber I ordered (257 Ackley.)

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Rasheed - Add Reply

Very high quality and doesn't have the same issue with compressed loads like other high-end brands. Also a little less expensive. I have no problem recommending this product. I wish Forster had these exactly the same but without the micrometer.

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Eloy - Add Reply

I've had the die for a couple weeks. I've done a bunch of research and this Forster looks like the real deal. I love the sleeve for concentricity and the micrometer is super helpful when fine tuning seating depth. The only thing I'm unhappy about is it leaves a fine indentation around the bullet at the ogive, enough that's about to be felt w a fingernail. I have read u can take the seating stem and send it to forster w a bullet and they will cast the stem around the bullet. This could be user error but I've followed instructions and can't seem to figure it out. I'll admit they shot wonderfully even w the dents...just not a pretty made round.

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Kennedi - Add Reply

Concentricity under.001 with my 243. Loving the die. Easy to adjust. Comparing this die to the rcbs match master, forster dies hold the case better and less movement going up. Recomend this to all beginner reloaders.

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Gianni - Add Reply

This die work great with my RCBS Rock Chucker . It is much easier to adjust for one bullet to another. The bullet seat nice and strait. Work well with plastic tip bullets. I only load 168 grain bullets but this die will seat any brand with different profiles with ease. To me its worth the extra money.

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Camryn - Add Reply

I was really happy when I tested the seating stem in this die and it fit the ELD bullets I was using perfectly. I also like being able to micro adjust the die without loosening it from my press. Having a reference to go off of makes a big difference. The only problem I had was that I broke the lock ring screw the first time I used it. Had to replace with a sturdier Hornady lock ring. I will be replacing all of the lock rings on my Forster dies because if this. I didn't torque it very hard.

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Jeramie - Add Reply

This seating die is super easy to set up and use. Only draw back is on some of the longer vld bullets you can get a stuck bullet that pulls back out of the case. It seems to stop doing it after a hundred or so reloads. It is very accurate at seating depth and very repeatable.

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Dwight - Add Reply

After watching numerous 6.5 Creedmoor reloading videos, I made the decision that this Forster Seating Die was the best choice for nearly every bullet! The die appears to be well made and well designed. My only complaint (if you can call it that) is the die only arrived in a simple cardboard box. I guess I'm used to the plastic boxes all other die makers use. Grafs did a good job of getting my order out quickly.

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Lindsey - Add Reply

Wow. Super impressed with this die. Bought a Lee set but couldn't seat long bergers or hornday eldx's. Very precision die. Keeps bullets perfectly aligned with little to no run out. Until other manufacturers make their bullet seaters compatible with long 6.5mm bullets this is a must have.

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Marty - Add Reply

I tried to use the Redding die on a dillon550 press the die would bottom out and not allowing for adjustment, instead I used a Rcbs single stage press , easy set up, have not had a chance to shoot loads because of rains , I will have post later on results

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Arnold - Add Reply

Excellent quality seating die. I like the micrometer adjustment and would recommend it if you can afford a few bucks more,’s worth it. Optics planit has it on my doorstep in 48 hours. I will be shopping here again

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Hilbert - Add Reply

This is my first competition seating die; I wanted an accurate, faster seating die for my 7mm Rem mag. Been using Lee dies, but getting accurate seating took a lot of adjustments unscrewing then screwing in the die a few times per bullet. With the Foster die, it reduced this process to 2 steps, given the non-match Sierra n Speer bullets I've been using. Once the bullet sesting depth is set, I would simply increase and decrease the length via the micr adjustment feature which are very accurate (thousandths of an inch). I waited for this die for over a month, but it's worth the wait!

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Amos - Add Reply

These are very well engineered dies. Forster makes good products. This seater die aids in making very concentric ammo. The micrometer dial is very smooth and accurate. Makes adjusting seating depth a breeze

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Ansel - Add Reply

Forster reloading is the best there is optics planet has great prices want precision loads Forster is the only way to go. every part pf reloading is critical and precise to have consistent accuracy and Forster products is it

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Werner - Add Reply

After struggling with the small bullets in my regular seater die I was looking for a better way.I had trouble getting the bullets to start straight and runout was a problem. With the Forster seater die this was not an issue. Problem solved.It was easy to set up and fine adjustments were simple with the micrometer top. I will be switching to Forster seater dies for my other calibers as well.

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