Hornady 2 Die Set

Price Save Up to 55% from $49.91 to $28.99

Hornady Two-Die Reloading Set is a pair of reloading dies that will quickly become an indispensable part of your reloading process. This set of Hornady reloading equipment includes one full-length sizing die and one standard bullet seating die, each built with articulated details that offer more precise reloading by offering easier adjustments, better alignment and smoother functioning. Each reloading tool features Hornady's Zip Spindle design, a series of light threads cut on both the spindle and spindle collet that allows you to make incremental adjustments by turning the spindle, or you can easily “zip it” up or down for larger movements. Hornady has equipped the Hornady Reloading 2 Die Kit with Hornady Sure-Loc™ lock rings, which clamp around the entire die and apply constant pressure across the threads to hold the ring in place. An integrated elliptical expander in the dies eliminates the need for a separate expander die for necking-up to the next caliber, and the built-in crimper gives you the option of crimping without the need for an extra crimp die, thus saving a station on your press. Get the most out of your reloading press with the comprehensive Hornady Full-Size Sizing and Bullet Seating Die Kit.

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Specifications for Hornady 2 Die Set:

Color: Steel

Features of Hornady Two Die Reloading Gear Set:

  • Set of two reloading die by Hornady
  • Includes one full-length sizing die and one bullet seating die
  • Guaranteed never to break or wear out from use
  • Zip Spindle™ design on all full length size dies positively locks to eliminate slippage.
  • Internal die profile is precision machined and polished to a smooth finish that delivers reliable functioning without case sticking or excessive friction
  • The Hornady Sure-Loc™ lock rings clamp around the entire die applying constant pressure across the threads to hold the ring in place
  • Superior to “ball expanders,” the integrated elliptical expander provides extremely smooth neck sizing and significantly reduces friction and case neck stretch
  • Seater adjustment screw easily adjusts for bullet seating depths
  • Locking retainer spring removes in seconds for easy disassembly and cleaning of the die
  • In-line bullet seating system holds the bullet, the case neck and the seating stem in perfect alignment in the sleeve BEFORE the bullet enters the neck of the case
  • The built-in crimper gives you the option of crimping without the need for an extra crimp die thus saving a station on your press
  • Comes in a convenient box that’s compartmentalized for dies, bushings, shell holders and a taper crimp die

1-Hornady 2 Die Set
2-Hornady 2 Die Set
3-Hornady 2 Die Set
4-Hornady 2 Die Set
5-Hornady 2 Die Set
6-Hornady 2 Die Set
7-Hornady 2 Die Set
8-Hornady 2 Die Set
9-Hornady 2 Die Set
10-Hornady 2 Die Set
11-Hornady 2 Die Set
12-Hornady 2 Die Set
13-Hornady 2 Die Set
14-Hornady 2 Die Set
15-Hornady 2 Die Set
16-Hornady 2 Die Set
17-Hornady 2 Die Set
18-Hornady 2 Die Set
19-Hornady 2 Die Set
20-Hornady 2 Die Set
21-Hornady 2 Die Set
22-Hornady 2 Die Set
23-Hornady 2 Die Set
24-Hornady 2 Die Set
25-Hornady 2 Die Set
26-Hornady 2 Die Set
27-Hornady 2 Die Set
28-Hornady 2 Die Set
29-Hornady 2 Die Set
30-Hornady 2 Die Set
31-Hornady 2 Die Set
32-Hornady 2 Die Set
33-Hornady 2 Die Set
34-Hornady 2 Die Set
35-Hornady 2 Die Set
36-Hornady 2 Die Set
37-Hornady 2 Die Set
38-Hornady 2 Die Set
39-Hornady 2 Die Set
40-Hornady 2 Die Set
41-Hornady 2 Die Set
42-Hornady 2 Die Set
43-Hornady 2 Die Set
44-Hornady 2 Die Set
45-Hornady 2 Die Set
46-Hornady 2 Die Set
47-Hornady 2 Die Set
48-Hornady 2 Die Set
49-Hornady 2 Die Set
50-Hornady 2 Die Set
51-Hornady 2 Die Set
52-Hornady 2 Die Set
53-Hornady 2 Die Set
54-Hornady 2 Die Set
55-Hornady 2 Die Set
56-Hornady 2 Die Set
57-Hornady 2 Die Set
58-Hornady 2 Die Set
59-Hornady 2 Die Set
60-Hornady 2 Die Set
61-Hornady 2 Die Set
62-Hornady 2 Die Set
63-Hornady 2 Die Set
64-Hornady 2 Die Set
65-Hornady 2 Die Set
66-Hornady 2 Die Set
67-Hornady 2 Die Set
68-Hornady 2 Die Set
69-Hornady 2 Die Set
70-Hornady 2 Die Set
71-Hornady 2 Die Set
72-Hornady 2 Die Set
73-Hornady 2 Die Set
74-Hornady 2 Die Set
75-Hornady 2 Die Set
76-Hornady 2 Die Set
77-Hornady 2 Die Set
78-Hornady 2 Die Set
79-Hornady 2 Die Set
80-Hornady 2 Die Set
81-Hornady 2 Die Set
82-Hornady 2 Die Set
83-Hornady 2 Die Set
84-Hornady 2 Die Set
85-Hornady 2 Die Set
86-Hornady 2 Die Set
87-Hornady 2 Die Set
88-Hornady 2 Die Set
89-Hornady 2 Die Set
90-Hornady 2 Die Set
91-Hornady 2 Die Set
92-Hornady 2 Die Set
93-Hornady 2 Die Set
94-Hornady 2 Die Set
95-Hornady 2 Die Set
96-Hornady 2 Die Set
97-Hornady 2 Die Set
98-Hornady 2 Die Set
99-Hornady 2 Die Set
100-Hornady 2 Die Set
101-Hornady 2 Die Set
102-Hornady 2 Die Set
103-Hornady 2 Die Set
104-Hornady 2 Die Set
105-Hornady 2 Die Set
106-Hornady 2 Die Set
107-Hornady 2 Die Set
108-Hornady 2 Die Set
109-Hornady 2 Die Set
110-Hornady 2 Die Set
111-Hornady 2 Die Set
112-Hornady 2 Die Set
113-Hornady 2 Die Set
114-Hornady 2 Die Set
115-Hornady 2 Die Set
116-Hornady 2 Die Set
117-Hornady 2 Die Set
118-Hornady 2 Die Set
119-Hornady 2 Die Set
120-Hornady 2 Die Set
121-Hornady 2 Die Set
122-Hornady 2 Die Set
123-Hornady 2 Die Set
124-Hornady 2 Die Set
125-Hornady 2 Die Set
126-Hornady 2 Die Set
127-Hornady 2 Die Set
128-Hornady 2 Die Set
129-Hornady 2 Die Set
130-Hornady 2 Die Set
131-Hornady 2 Die Set
132-Hornady 2 Die Set
133-Hornady 2 Die Set
134-Hornady 2 Die Set
135-Hornady 2 Die Set
136-Hornady 2 Die Set
137-Hornady 2 Die Set
138-Hornady 2 Die Set
139-Hornady 2 Die Set
140-Hornady 2 Die Set

  • PROS
  • bullet guide, well designed lock nut, rebate
  • High Quality Dies
  • price and quality #1
  • Great quality/price
  • Very repeatable loading
  • Very durable in construction
  • Once set, they stay set
  • CONS
  • Read the instructions closely (common sense really)

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Granville - Add Reply

I have always liked Hornady dies, especially when they come with an offer of free bullets as mine did. My only complaint is that, for the price you pay, they could easily include a shell holder and some basic reloading data. I purchased the die set for a .458 Socom and reloading data is already pretty scarce, so it would be nice to have a set with the same features as the lower priced Lee sets included.

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Abelardo - Add Reply

I bought these dies in 7.5 Swiss. The overall quality of these dies is good. The only problem I had was that the deprimeing pin broke. I think it was because I didn't have it tight enough and it got caught on the bottom of the case. Luckily the dies came with two extra tips and I easily replaced it. One other thing to be aware of is that Hornady makes two different types of 7.5 Swiss dies. One for the K31 and a standard one for the K11 Which can also be used for the K31 but will size the brass more than necessary.

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Koby - Add Reply

I am a big rcbs fan and primary that’s all I use, but I couldn’t get the dies I needed for that particular caliber and decided to try these hornady dies. So far they’re great. Very well made and does the job. I would recommend these to anyone needing new dies.

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Brain - Add Reply

Very good, well built dies. I have started using these in all calibers. Because of the rebate, I have even started buying calibers I already have in other brands.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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Osvaldo - Add Reply

use hornadys 2 die set for forming wildcat 6.5 creedmoor from 243win brass by trimming 243 brass first and running through expander die to avoid collapsing neck during forming process - possible to do this with out annealing the cartridge neck with hornady die and if trimmed to 0.02 " of final case length of 6.5 creedmoor

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Darrick - Add Reply

Very high quality set of blank making dies!..Reading and going by the enclosed directions made all the difference in the world..First .223 blank I made formed perfect! Have lots of golf balls and a golf ball launcher, as well as lots of .223 cases to make blanks from..All you need is powder and primers, and these dies for whatever you will use blank ammo for..

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Tyreek - Add Reply

I have used Hornady presses and dies for many years, and this set of dies has the same great quality. The fit and finish are excellent. Threads are clean and smooth, making adjustments quick and precise.

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Sedrick - Add Reply

Can't beat the price and the quality is exceptional it's hornsby like all of their products I looked at other sites for the same product and optics planet had them at the lowest price looking forward to buying more hornsby products

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Arch - Add Reply

I built up a 6.5x55 Sweedish rifle off of a old Mauser action for my son. I ordered the Hornady die set and a Leupold VX1 3x9 scope from Optics planet and immediately loaded up 50 rounds with 40grains of IMR4895 and a 120gr Sierra SPT prohunter bullet. With that load and the weight of the rifle the recoil is light enough that my son loves blowing up 64oz bottles at 150yd and can't wait to use it next deer season. Its all about accuracy and building a load for the particular situation...in this case, a light recoil load that my son will enjoy shooting (alot) and can hunt with in the fall. Great set of dies.

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Maximillian - Add Reply

This is a very good product and I would highly recommend it to others--it fully met my expectations. I have used other dies and this is superior to them. I will be purchasing more Hornady products in the near future.

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Silas - Add Reply

I now have this product which is of high quality and does the job it is supposed to do, however I had to purchase it elsewhere due to import restrictions. The product would have been the best value I could find.

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Wilton - Add Reply

can,t go wrong with this die set. You will get extra decabing pins with the dies. bullets set is excelent. the maching isexcellent and the is packaged in a strong plastic case. the lable on the case is large so you can read, when stacked with other dies.

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Peyton - Add Reply

The item arrived quickly, and was packaged well enough to prevent damage to the dies or their plastic box. The dies are in top shape, as expected. That's all great as far as I am concerned. That's too short for the system, but I have not gotten powder for the cartridge yet, and do not know anything else to write.

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Hilton - Add Reply

Hornady makes great product their handgun reloading dies work seemlessly in the forster press. Dies are precision made at a great price from optics plane delivery was quick have ordered plenty from these folks and never have a problem

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Lexus - Add Reply

I have to say, these took a little TLC to get this right. Read the instructions and read them again, it will help to avoid mistakes that can adversely affect the end product. These two dies do everything to get the bullet right for the rifle, including a solid crimp at the end. Ease into the crimp or the case will be crushed. The tooling is very solid and the case has not chance against a poorly aligned crimp set when pressed too firmly. However, when this die is set the casing is well sized, the bullet firmly loaded and the results are consistent. Be sure to follow the instructions, they make no mention of results should you not work slowly. I am very happy with the results and have learned well by one error. I do recommend this die for the next individual that is looking for a very good product for a very heavy load.

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Tremaine - Add Reply

Works great. I like the lock rings, they're a lot more consistent than other brands and don't damage the die threads. I even buy the lock rings separately and put them on my other brand dies. This set for 25 Remington is the cheapest I've found and will help me get my old rifle up and running.

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