10 Best Eyewear Accessories of 2020

Shield Length Is 6" To Accommodate The Use Of A Nbc Cartridge On A Gas Mask.

1-Paulson Manufacturing Shield Length Is 6" To Accommodate The U

#Paulson Manufacturing

Genesis Replacement Lens

1-UVEX Genesis Replacement Lens


Specifications for Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses:

Additional Features: Standard Fit

1-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
2-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
3-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
4-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
5-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
6-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
7-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
8-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
9-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
10-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
11-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
12-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
13-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
14-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
15-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
16-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
17-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
18-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
19-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
20-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
21-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
22-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
23-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
24-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
25-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses
26-Oakley M2 Replacement Lenses


Add the ESS Crossbow Gasket to your Eyeshield for extra security against wind, dust, and debris. Ride safely in style wearing these ESS Safety Glasses and Goggles Eyewear Accessories that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection to shield your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Plus, these spec accessories meet all of these safety and ballistic standards: ANSI Z87.1-2015, US MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-32432, US FEDERAL OSHA, and CE EN166. The ESS Crossbow Protective Gasket offers 2 modes: closed for a fully sealed experience or open to create ventilation. With this addition, you don't need to worry about constantly switching between goggles and eyeshields in the field, saving time and cutting down your gear loadout. These are incredibly easy to install, and you can quickly remove them when you don't need the added protection. Efficiently guard your eyes in adverse conditions with this ESS Crossbow Gasket for Eyeshield.

Specifications for ESS Crossbow Gasket:

Color: Black
Additional Features: Fully Sealed and Ventilation modes
Type: Gasket

Features of ESS Crossbow Gasket:

  • Creates a full seal to protect against wind, dust and other airborne debris
  • Two modes: Closed - fully sealed and Open - ventilation mode
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • ESS Crossbow Gasket when paired with the ESS Crossbow Eyeshield meets or exceeds the following Safety & Ballistic Standards:
  • ANSI Z87.1?2015
  • CE EN166

1-ESS Crossbow Gasket


Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lens Kits are designed to cutomize and transform the Oakley sunglasses to fit your individual needs. Oakley sunglasses are created for outdoors and also sports, which require unique lens functionality, coatings, as well as features. Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lens Kits present superior quality, high level craftsmanship, and excellent high performance.

Specifications for Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses:

Age Group: Adults

1-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
2-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
3-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
4-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
5-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
6-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
7-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
8-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
9-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
10-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses
11-Oakley Oil Rig Replacement Lenses


ESS Semi-Permanent Helmet Mounting Brackets 740-0201 replacement ESS Mounting Brackets for the ESS Innerzone 1 Goggles 740-0264 are fully NPFA compliant and carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

ESS Helmet Mounting Brackets 7400201 are semi-permanent mounting brackets attach to the brim of nearly any structural fire helmet, no drilling required. Once installed, the easy-to-tighten thumb screws secure the goggle straps to the helmet, allowing the user to store the ESS goggles on the front or rear of the helmet.

*NOTE: Recommended for use on helmets without face shields.

Key Features of ESS Semi Permanent Helmet Mounting Brackets 740-0201:

  • NFPA Compliant
  • 2-Piece Strap System

ESS Semi-Permanent Helmet Mounting Brackets 7400201 is compatable with:

Specifications for ESS Semi-Permanent Helmet Mounting Brackets 740-0201 for Innerzone Goggles:

Age Group: Adults
Color: Black

1-ESS Semi-Permanent Helmet Mounting Brackets 740-0201 for Innerzone Goggles


They are optically pure and insanely durable, but the finest lenses on the planet still deserve respect. That's why this eyewear storage bag doubles as a premium lens cleaning cloth. We call the bag material "Microclear" because the threads are micro fine (which makes it ultra soft for optics), and because the whole idea is to keep your vision clear. This special cloth is the only thing you should use to clean the Plutonite lenses of Oakley eyewear. Get some extras so you'll have one on hand whenever life on the go dares to defile your window to the world.

1-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
2-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
3-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
4-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
5-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
6-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
7-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
8-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
9-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
10-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
11-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
12-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
13-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
14-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
15-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
16-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
17-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
18-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
19-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
20-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
21-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
22-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
23-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
24-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
25-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
26-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns
27-Oakley Eyewear Microbag Flag Patterns


Pyramex Blank RX Insert Frame for V2G-XP Safety Goggles RX6400 let you put reader lenses or prescription lenses inside your goggles. This Pyramex Eyewear Accessory is a blank frame that can be taken to your eye care physician to be fitted with lenses cut to your prescription. The RX frame easily clips inside the nosepiece of your Pyramex V2GXP Goggles - no tools required. The RX6400 frame comes with cloth bag for storage. Convert your Pyramex Safety Goggles into prescription safety goggles with a Pyramex V2G-XP Prescription Insert.

Pyramex offers lab glasses and goggles for almost any application. The vast array of Pyramex Safety eye wear covers a range of functions, from simple sun protection to IR protection for welding, ballistic eyewear for shooting and impact protection, and more! Pyramex glasses aren't just functional - they're made with style to look great. You may just want a pair of Pyramex eyeshields to function as your everyday Eyewear Accessories! Pyramex - the peak of safety and style.

Specifications for Pyramex V2G-XP Blank RX Insert Frame for V2G-XP Safety Glasses - Frame Only, single:

Age Group: Adults
Gender: Unisex

Features of Pyramex RX Insert for Safety Goggles - V2G-XP:

  • Converts standard safety goggles to Rx goggles

1-Pyramex V2G-XP Blank RX Insert Frame for V2G-XP Safety Glasses - Frame Only, single


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