10 Best Gun Safe Accessories of 2020

Specifications for Moisture King 18" Dehumidifier Rod:

Type/color: Dehumidifer rod
Size/finish: 18" stainless
Material: Aluminum
Other features: Mounting hardware incl'd lifetime mfg warranty 8 watts covers up to 200 cubic feet
Other features2: Used in gun safes, cabinets, toolboxes, closets, boats, aircraft, pianos and organs

1-Moisture King 18" Dehumidifier Rod

#Moisture King


Specifications for Snap Safe by Hornady Dehumidifier Cylinder:

Color: Silver
Size: Large
Width: 5 in
Additional Features: The cap indicator turns pink when the canister needs recharging

1-Snap Safe by Hornady Dehumidifier Cylinder
2-Snap Safe by Hornady Dehumidifier Cylinder

#SnapSafe by Hornady

Store handguns more efficiently and increase storage space on shelves. Access to handguns is made easier by placing them in an upright position.

Specifications for Browning Safes Gun, Pistol Rack for Safes:

Color: Black

1-Browning Safes Gun, Pistol Rack for Safes
2-Browning Safes Gun, Pistol Rack for Safes
3-Browning Safes Gun, Pistol Rack for Safes

#Browning Safes

Lockdown Silicon Gel Bag 222179 absorbs harmful moisture that can collect in your gun safe and corrode, rust and otherwise harm your firearms. This Lockdown gun safe accessory passively protects your expensive weapons from humidity and condensation. When the Lockdown Silicon Moisture Absorbent Bag is completely saturated, its crystals change color, letting you know it's time to recharge the gun safe accessory by popping it in the oven. The Lockdown 450g Silicon Gel Bag can protect up to 33 cubic feet of your gun safe from harmful humidity efficiently and cheaply.

Specifications for Lockdown Moisture Absorbent Bag:

Volume: 450g
Protection Area: 33 cubic feet

Features of Lockdown Silica Gel Bag 450g:

  • Passively absorbs moisture in gun safe or storage
  • Protects up to 33 cubic feet from atmospheric moisture
  • Saturation indicator
  • Easy oven recharge

1-Lockdown Moisture Absorbing Silica Gel Bag 450g


The Lockdown SINGLE HANDGUN RACK is extremely handy for use in your gun vault or at the shooting range to provide a safe place to rest your handguns. The small footprint on this Gun Rack from Lockdown allows for use in tight spaces. The coated rod inserts into the muzzle of any pistol or revolver .22 cal or larger. Fasteners are included with the Lockdown Single Handgun Holder Rack that allow each rack to be secured in place if desired.

Features of LOCKDOWN Handgun Rack:

  • Holds handguns (pistols and/or revolvers) .22 cal or larger
  • Vinyl coating won't scratch or mar muzzle
  • Free up room in your gun safe or cabinet
  • Use at range to hold handguns while not in use

1-Lockdown Handgun Rack


Lockdown Four Gun Handgun Rack 222200 stores up to four handguns for easy access at home or on the range. These metal gun racks are vinyl coated to protect the finish on your pistols, wherever they may be. Each channel in this Lockdown gun rack is specifically molded to support the grip and barrel of the gun, so you don't have to worry about any undue stress on your handguns. The Lockdown 4 Gun Pistol Rack is wide enough to fit most pistols, even magnum revolvers and other wide bodied handguns. Securely hold your favorite handguns in your gun safe or elsewhere with the Lockdown Handgun Rack.

Specifications for Lockdown Four Handgun Rack:

Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.25 x 6.5

Features of Lockdown Four Handgun Rack:

  • Cradles grip and barrel of up to four handguns
  • Vinyl coating won't scratch finish
  • Fits most handguns

1-Lockdown Handgun Rack 4 Gun


Mx Module

Designed To Fit Into The Mx/Mxi Series Safes And Features Bottom Locking Tabs To Snap Easily And Securely In Place.

Designed To Fit

Multiple Soft Flexible Slots Are Designed To Expand And Secure A Wide Variety Of Handgun Magazines. Capacity For Up To 8 Spare Magazines.

Angled Entry Points Allow Magazines To Store And Remove Quickly.

Protection Where It Counts

Dense Closed Cell Foam Provides A High Level Of Protection By Creating A Barrier Between Your Magazines And Corrosion Causing Moisture.

Specifications for Vaultek Safe Twin Pistol Rack, MX:

Color: Black
Fabric/Material: Closed Cell Foam
Additional Features: Water Resistant
Safe Type: Security/Gun Safe

1-Vaultek Safe Twin Pistol Rack, MX

#Vaultek Safe

Identify important keys quickly and easily with the 50 Pack of Assorted Key Tags from Barska. These key tags are color-coded and feature a write-on label. Barska Key Tags have a large window insert to clearly identify the keys, and the color-coded tags make finding the key that you are looking for fast and easy. Simply attach your key to the key tags and identify the key on the paper insert. These 50 Key Tags from Barska work as replacement key tags for most Barska Multi-Key Lock Boxes.

Specifications for Barska Individual Key Tags, Pack of 50:

Color: Assorted Colors
Included Accessories: 50 Key Tags

Features of Barska Individual Key Tags, Pack of 50:

  • 50 Individual Key Tags
  • Color(s): Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green & Orange
  • Removable Write-On Label
  • Large Window Insert
  • Individual Tag Size: 2inch x 3/16inch x 7/8inch

1-Barska Individual Key Tags, Pack of 50
2-Barska Individual Key Tags, Pack of 50


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