10 Best Shooting Accessories of 2020

Create a more comfortable hunting experience that will fill your freezer in no time when using this Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench to stabilize your shots. Muddy built these Shooting Accessories from steel for an incredibly durable platform that can withstand the most rigorous outings. The adjustable and non-scratch rubber-coated gunrest of this Muddy Swivel Action Hunting Bench lets you customize how you take your shots while protecting the quality and finish to bring you years of use. With a full 360 degrees of seat and top swivel action, you can track big game with ease with nothing holding you back from that trophy takedown. There's even two shell/gear pockets for quick access to more ammo in the field. Upgrade your experience when the season comes by adding this Muddy Swivel Action Hunting Bench to your gear loadout.

Specifications for Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench:

Color: Black
Height: 4.75 in
Width: 30 in
Package Type: Box
Length: 31.5

Features of Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench:

  • Swivel action seat and top 360 degrees
  • Padded vinyl cover
  • Weight of 38 lbs
  • Weight rating of 300 lbs
  • One year warranty

1-Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench
2-Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench


Always be aware of the speed and direction of the wind with the Caldwell Cross Wind Professional Wind Meter. This wind speed meter by Caldwell reads wind and temperature in various units of measure. The 90° rotating anemometer head allows you to measure exactly how much the Caldwell Cross Wind Professional Wind Speed Meter will be applied on the side of your bullet without ever having to move the wind meter or do angle calculations. The Caldwell CrossWind Professional Water-resistant Wind Meter is the ultimate tool for indicating wind speed and calculating a reliable firing solution.

Specifications for Caldwell Cross Wind Professional Wind Meter:

Additional Features: Wind Speed Sensor
Battery Type: CR2032

Features of Caldwell CrossWind Professional Water-resistant Wind Meter:

  • Wind Speed
  • Current Wind Speed
  • Average Wind Speed
  • Maximum Wind Gust
  • Rotating Anemometer Head
  • Temperature
  • Station Pressure
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Altitude
  • Density Altitude
  • Water resistant
  • Backlight
  • Automatic Power-Off
  • Data Hold
  • Lanyard
  • Protective Holster Case
  • Large Buttons for Glove Friendly
  • Use in Cold Conditions
  • Tripod Mount

1-Caldwell Cross Wind Professional Wind Meter
2-Caldwell Cross Wind Professional Wind Meter
3-Caldwell Cross Wind Professional Wind Meter
4-Caldwell Cross Wind Professional Wind Meter
5-Caldwell Cross Wind Professional Wind Meter


The perfect shot shooting rest is an adjustable ambidextrous shooting rest Made from powder coated steel for premium Quality without you having to pay a premium price. Take this bench rest to the field. Weighing at a mere 5 pounds, This is the ultimate gun rest that is light weight, easy to assemble, and easy to use. While a rifle Bipod or a shooting bag may be useful for portability, The perfect shot shooting rest gives you the stability you need to line up for that perfect shot. Adjust the gun rest easily from 17" To 29" To accommodate most gun lengths. The height adjustments will accommodate a Black gun with a 30 round clip as well as an air rifle with no magazine. After making your Macro adjustments lock the rifle rest in place with the seal tight em-lock mechanism. Perfect your shot group using the front to back and side to side Micro adjustments. Other shooting rest features include: -front rest is a wide U shape rubberized grip that is gentle on your front stock yet firm enough to provide a stable shooting surface. -Ballistic nylon stock sling to reduce recoil. -Quick Micro adjust for sighting scopes. - unique offset circular feet to adjust your shot left and right. -Rubberized feet to protect your shooting table. -Lifetime . When you're looking for the perfect shooting accessories for hunting or for shooting range accessories, Look no further than benchmasterusa.

Specifications for BenchMaster Perfect Shot Shooting Rest:

Color: Black

Features of BenchMaster Perfect Shot Shooting Rest:

  • Designed to allow greater accuracy for every shot; whether it is for sighting in your rifle or shooting varmints
  • Features include the fine adjust side to side ergonomic rotatiing feet
  • front and back height adjustments to compensate for magazines
  • All steel construction
  • powder coated to fight rust and can be used in all weather conditions
  • Gauranteed for a lifetime of use
  • Best value for the money

1-BenchMaster Perfect Shot Shooting Rest
2-BenchMaster Perfect Shot Shooting Rest
3-BenchMaster Perfect Shot Shooting Rest
4-BenchMaster Perfect Shot Shooting Rest
5-BenchMaster Perfect Shot Shooting Rest


The Caldwell Universal Brass Trap 122560 has been designed to be quickly assembled and setup to catch your rifle or pistol brass casings. The Nylon mesh bag that comes with the Caldwell Universal Brass Trap Case Catcher is heat resistant and will not flap around in the wind. To collect your brass, simply unzip the bottom zipper. The Caldwell Universal Brass Trap collapses easily and fits in an included storage bag for easy transport.

Specifications for Caldwell Universal Brass Catching Trap:

Base height: 21 inches
Depth from opening: 19 inches
Opening width: 17 inches

Features of Caldwell Brass Case Trap - Universal:

  • Nylon mesh bag
  • Heat resistant
  • Zipper opening
  • Collapses easily
  • Includes storage bag

1-Caldwell Universal Brass Trap


Specifications for Mtm Wind Reader Shooting Range Flag Orange W/flag And Stake:

Height: 1.05 in
Dimensions: 1.05 X 6.00 X 9.45 in

1-Mtm Wind Reader Shooting Range Flag Orange W/flag And Stake


Made of high quality spring steel with black teflon type finish. Snaps on and off with no modification to gun.

1-T&S Shell Catchers Model TS-AL2


DOUBLE DISCREET SQUARE CASES Double Carry ( S e c u r e l o o p s o n e a c h s i d e a n d r e i n f o r c e d t o c a r r y t w o w e a p o n s . O n e s i d e f e a t u r e s 5 r o w s o f M O L L E . O p p o s i t e s i d e f e a t u r e s 3 r o w s w i t h v e l c r o b a c k i n g . I n c l u d e s 4 S e c u r i t y S t r a p s )

Features of Galati Gear Single Security Strap for Square Case

  • Extra security strap to hook additional items such as scopes inside the main compartment of the square cases.

1-Galati Gear Single Security Strap for Square Case
2-Galati Gear Single Security Strap for Square Case
3-Galati Gear Single Security Strap for Square Case
4-Galati Gear Single Security Strap for Square Case

#Galati Gear

600D poly fabric construction with weatherproof vinyl coating, compact, roll up design, dual side accessory pouches, 3 bipod secure strips, 1/4" closed cell foam padding, adjustable 1/2" thick knee padded section, zippered knee section allows for additional padding.

The dimensions of the mat fully deployed are 80 x 29 including the fold out flaps. The zippered knee section is the only place where extra padding can be added.

1-Black Line Layout Mat
2-Black Line Layout Mat
3-Black Line Layout Mat
4-Black Line Layout Mat

#Black Line

Collection bag for empty sleeves and / or used magazines. Molle fasteners on the back. Sits firmly on equipment belt while moving. Drawstring in the opening, so you can open / close quickly and easily if needed. Small storage pocket on the outside with Velcro closure. It is made of weather-resistant Cordura (R).

Specifications for Ulfhednar Empty Shell Bag:

Fabric/Material: Cordura
Gender: Unisex

1-Ulfhednar Empty Shell Bag
2-Ulfhednar Empty Shell Bag
3-Ulfhednar Empty Shell Bag
4-Ulfhednar Empty Shell Bag


Specifications for Birchwood Casey B/c T&s Shell Catcher 1100 Std Tfe 28 & .410ga. Remington:

Newitem: Yes
Type/color: Shell catcher
Size/finish: Works with ber 12ga semi-autos
Material: All steel
Other features: Attaches to receiver with dbl faced tape/no movement or vib- ration/adj for different loads or guns if needed
Dimension: 0.40 x 3.90 x 4.25
Height: 0.4000
Width: 3.9000
Length: 4.2500

1-Birchwood Casey B/c T&s Shell Catcher 1100 Std Tfe 28 & .410ga. Remington
2-Birchwood Casey B/c T&s Shell Catcher 1100 Std Tfe 28 & .410ga. Remington

#Birchwood Casey

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