Hornady Lock-N-Load Light Strip

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Light up your press with the Hornady Lock-N-Load Light Strip. With an adhesive backing, the Hornady Lock-N-Load Adhesive Backed Light Strip can be used on any press, or any location on your reloading bench for extra light to help eliminate shadows, making safety and quality checks easier than ever. The Hornady Lock-N-Load Safety LED Light Strip features LED lights for a long life and plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

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Specifications for Hornady Lock-N-Load Light Strip:

Condition: New

1-Hornady Lock-N-Load Light Strip

  • PROS
  • Increases your ability to see what you were doing
  • CONS
  • Adhesive online to attach is not strong enough.

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Nikolas - Add Reply

This light strip provides just the right amount of light at just the right place on my progressive loader. I also added a small inspection mirror to look down into the case that I am about to seat the bullet in. Allows me to verify the correct powder level before seating. Without the LED strip, I would have to use a small flashlight and spot check a few cases at random instead of every one. The only thing I would change about this item is to add an on/off switch to avoid having to unplug the power supply to turn it off. This is a minor inconvenience on an otherwise perfect system and a switch may add too much to the very reasonable cost. Pros: Easy installation, excellent lighting Cons: Have to turn on/off with the plug

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Robin - Add Reply

I have 2 of these installed on my press, and the light output is great. They don't flex 90 degrees very well at all. One of the 2 requires occasional wiggling of the connector to make the light come back on. Other than that they are a fabulous addition to be able to see every station very well. Pros: Bright and flexible Cons: Poor connectors

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Gabriel - Add Reply

The LED light for the Hornady loader is extremely easy to attach to the loader. It lights up your work area nicely, and is out of the way of moving parts. The adhesive to hold the light on his a little weak, needs to be stronger. Routing the wires can be a little difficult too.

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Devon - Add Reply

I had hoped to use this on my Lee classic turret press but it was hard to get the light where it was need to check powder levels in charged case. It was too close to moving parts and I was afraid it might be damaged. I did install it on my Lee classic cast press where it worked out fine. The insulation on the wires was nicked(it arrived that way). Pros: Installed OK on Lee classic cast press but not on turret press Cons: insulation on wires was nicked

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