Mec 600 Jr Mark V 20 Gauge 844720

Price Save 18% from $298.04 to $243.99

Cam-actuated reconditioning station with positive ejecting features adjuster-guide wad feed device with vertical adjustment to permit rapid wad insertion, spindex crimp starter with swivel action to correctly align with original shell creases, cam-actuated crimping station finish forms the shell progressively and releases it from the die easily. Adjustable for three inch shells. Flip-top measure prevents spilling powder or shot. Pro check keeps powder and shot drop in proper sequence.

88.75 /100
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Specifications for Mec 600 Jr Mark V 20 Gauge 844720:

Gauge:  20

1-Mec 600 Jr Mark V 20 Gauge 844720

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The most trouble-free loader you can buy. I have the same model in 12 and 28 gauge, they work great time after time, extremely reliable. It is the best loader for the dollar. Pros: Easy to use, reliable, cost. Cons: it only creates one shell at a time, sorta slow, but you can't beat the nice crimp finishes it creates, I have used other progressive machines and they can't create as nice a crimp as the single stage.

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