Mec Gunsmith And Reloading Equipment 812028

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Mec Mayville Size Master Shotshell Reloading Press For 28 Ga - The Sizemaster Shotshell Reloader offers simplicity without sacrificing convenience and efficiency. The "Power Ring" collet resizer returns bases to factory specification, regardless of whether they're brass or steel heads, high or low base. Adjustable to 3" shells. Additional die sets (to change gauges) are available. E-Z Prime primer feeder included on 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge models.

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Specifications for Mec Mayville Size Master Shotshell Reloading Press For 28 Ga 812028:

Mfg Item Num:  812028
Supplier SKU:  45306
Type:  Shotshell Reloading Press
Material:  Cast Iron
Thread Size:  N/A

1-Mec Gunsmith And Reloading Equipment 812028

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Samson - Add Reply

I reloaded 12 gauge with a MEC 600 over 30 years ago and loved it. I recently started shooting a 28 gauge and love it so much I wanted to reload for it. This Sizemaster is wonderful. I really like the collet style resizer. The auto feed primer coming standard with it is really nice. Setup of entire reloader was quick and simple. I'm already turning out factory looking and performing AA-HS reloads in quick fashion.

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Geoffrey - Add Reply

This press in the best value for the money on the market. Easy to use - almost foolproof!! It would be great to have some type of adjustable universal charge bar. The powder bushings are not the best measure for powder - must check powder weight with a scale. Overall - great product - highly recommend. Pros: Ease of Use Cons: Improve powder bushing options

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Rudolph - Add Reply

I've used a 12 gauge MEC reloader that was my fathers for many years. This is the same basic reloader but newer and for 28 gauge shells. The auto primer feed works well, but took a little fine tuning in the setup. I also was unable to dispense the correct amount of powder with the bushings that came with the reloader. I separately purchase an adjustable shot/powder bushing bar and that works well. I use my 28 gauge for trap and sporting clays so it gets fired quite a bit. If you shoot a lot of 28 gauge, reloading is the way to go as they are expensive to buy and can be hard to find. Pros: Classic, proven reloader, Works well. Economically priced. Cons: Supplied powder bushings didn't work for me.

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