TacStar Brass Catcher w/Picatinny Rail Mount

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TacStars Brass Catcher is the perfect accessory for AR shooters who reload. No more walking around bent over trying to find where your brass flew! The Brass Catcher simply clamps to the Picatinny rail of flat top ARs. No firearm modifications are needed. The mounting bracket is adjustable and low profile, so it can be positioned to clear optics or scopes. The heat resistant catch bag can hold up to 120 .223 cases. When you are ready to empty the bag, simply pull it off of the mounting rail and dump out the shells! The bag also can be unsnapped from its aluminum deflector plate for thorough cleaning.

92.5 /100
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Specifications for TacStar Brass Catcher w/Picatinny Rail Mount:

Color: Black
Additional Features: Up to 120 .223
Gun Make: AR Platform

Features of TacStar Brass Catcher w/Picatinny Rail Mount:

  • Clamps to Picatinny rails on flat top ARs.
  • No Modifications needed.
  • Shell bag pulls off mount for easy emptying.
  • Low profile and adjustable.
  • Holds up to 120 .223 cases.
  • Heat resistant bag.

1-TacStar Brass Catcher w/Picatinny Rail Mount
2-TacStar Brass Catcher w/Picatinny Rail Mount
3-TacStar Brass Catcher w/Picatinny Rail Mount
4-TacStar Brass Catcher w/Picatinny Rail Mount
5-TacStar Brass Catcher w/Picatinny Rail Mount

  • PROS
  • Easy on/off & it works
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Diamond - Add Reply

I reload and shoot a lot. I have tried many brands of brass catchers over the years. They all seem to melt fairly quickly and allow brass to fly through the holes. I've even tried the Caldwell one that you sit on a tripod with so-so results (still use it for pistol though!). I bought mine from another place because I had a gift certificate I won from their store. I will be buying another one soon for my other AR15. Catches brass with out a hiccup, even when using a scope mounted with a one piece, you just have to find the right placement for them to work out right. Have put about 800 rounds through this brass catcher and no signs of trying to melt yet. Easy on, easy off, easy to dump out into my brass bag after a day of shooting paper or steel. Since I use Lapua brass mostly, you know you don't wanna lose a piece, so I also use this mounted when coyote hunting day and night to catch all my costly brass. If I could give this thing 100 stars, I would do so. I highly recommend it! Do yourself a favor if you reload, and get one of these bad boys to save you time and headache.

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Deron - Add Reply

I wanted a brass catcher for my .224 Valkyrie because I plan to reload. I have a LaRue LT112 scope mount which forced me to place the rail mount right in front of the scope mount. I was able to move the quick connect on the catcher forward enough to still allow the bag to catch the brass. Works perfectly!! Easy on and easy off. Well built and works great. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a brass catcher.

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