Pro Mag AR-15/M16 Bayonet Lug Accessory Rail PM216

Pro Mag AR-15/M16 Bayonet Lug Accessory Rail PM216 on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Pro Mag Bipods.

92.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


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  • Feature


Specifications for Pro Mag AR-15/M16 Bayonet Lug Accessory Rail PM216:

Finish: Black
For: AR-15/M16
Gun Model: AR15

1-Pro Mag AR-15/M16 Bayonet Lug Accessory Rail PM216

  • PROS
  • Easy to install.
  • Holds a light without using a hand shredding four sided picatinny rail
  • Easy to install
  • good looking
  • Ease of Install
  • CONS
  • Needed modification to fit my DPMS M4

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Cody - Add Reply

It took only a couple minutes to remove the bayonet Sling Swivel Pin on my Armalite AR and install the Pro Mag Accessory Rail. The Bayonet Lug Accessory Rail fit perfectly and tight. I use this accessory rail for my bi-pod, which is easy to install or remove from the rial as needed, and leaves my fore end heat shield bottom rail free for use with other accessories. The Pro Mag Bayonet Lug Accessory Rail is well made and easy to use. Pros: Easy to install and use Cons: None

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Lew - Add Reply

I really like this solution for my S&W AR 15 Sport II. I spent a lot of time researching bipods that will utilize the bayonet lug on my AR, but found very few...and of the few I didn't get the best feeling after reading everyone's reviews. This piece is well built and slid onto my bayonet lug just find, and accomplished what I wanted, I wouldn't have to give up any space on my carbine length forward grip, and it positions the bipod at the right pivot point on the barrel. An added benefit is now picatinny rail feature opens The door to many bipod brands and choices. Happy hunting!

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Dwight - Add Reply

We purchased three of these a few years a go for attaching flashlights to our patrol rifles. Installation is straight forward, and they install in seconds. There is a little wiggle room once they're on, but they hold securely. We just bought three more for some additional rifles, and transferred the older ones to the new rifles. They show a little wear, but they function as well as the day we installed them. Very happy with the ease of installation and functionality.

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Russell - Add Reply

I used this mount on a Bushmaster QRC rifle. It works as advertised to mount my bipod. It did take a little filing to make the screw holes line up. In general, a five minute job turned into a 30 minute job, but it does work well once it is installed. The mount has two slots for a sling. My 1 1/4 inch wide sling worked, it is a little tight, but not a problem.

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Gennaro - Add Reply

This appeared to be the easiest solution for mounting a Surefire light on my DPMS M4 upper, so I bought one. Once I opened the package indicating it was made in China, I saw that a mounting screw was covered in rust. After drilling out the rivet securing the sling swivel, I attempted to attach it but the radius of the base of the boss where the sling swivel attaches was interfering with the mount. Five minutes with a Dremel tool and a 1/4" carbide bit carving on the mount solved that problem. After installing it, I discovered that the rail has a slight upward tilt relative to the barrel. Maybe two or three degrees which is not a problem for my light, but could issue if you were mounting a laser with limited range of movement. Also, contact with any metallic object with remove the black finish. Certainly not an anodized or phosphate finish. Keep a can of flat black spray paint handy!

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General - Add Reply

I had an older M4 with zero rail space and needed just enough room to attach a light. This did the trick exactly as advertised, turning the otherwise useless bayonet lug into a short 1913 rail perfect for my SureFire. It is solid, all metal construction, and the set screws attach it very securely—no wiggles or rattles. You do need to remove your forward sling swivel to attach the rail, but it comes with its own sling attachment slots on either side (as seen in product picture). All in all a great product, and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

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Roel - Add Reply

I gave the accessory rail to my brother for his birthday along with a light/laser combo. He has installed them on his AR-15, and he is very happy with the set-up. He considers his AR to be his home-protection weapon.

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Jerrold - Add Reply

If you want to add a laser or light under your AR and you don't want the expense of hassle of adding a quad rail then this is for you. (I hate mounting lights on the side of the gun, it's just not clean) this mount slides onto the bayonet lug below the front sight mount and secures with a couple allen heads. You will however need to remove your stock sling mount to make room, I found it easier to drill out the pin on sling mount than to try and bang it out. this is top shelf stuff guys and gals, I highly recommend, it's sturdy, well made and looks great. I have 3 of them on stock builds.

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Guido - Add Reply

Have this accessory rail on two ARs now. Does require the removal of the sling swivel, easy to drill out the pin. Lets me put a white light and laser in front of the forend, out of the way of a forward grip. Instead of putting a light on the side, it keeps the profile vertical, narrow. Two locking screws lock it tight to the lug.

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Maximus - Add Reply

Great item to cover your unused bayonet lug. It adds a rail, two sling mounts and looks great. Great for hunting and tactical applications. Easy to install, requires some drilling and basic skills, but still very easy. Highly recommend.

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Leopoldo - Add Reply

My bayonet lug was too large at the back. I had to grind, file, and sand the bayonet lug to get this product to slip over. It mounted securely and is now sporting a TLR1s and my sling. It has put up with the stress of my sling quite well.

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Paris - Add Reply

I had already removed the original front sling mount from my Colt 6920 so this slid right on. A little blue loctite on the 2 screws and it's been rock solid. I thought it might look a bit awkward but it fits really nicely with magpul hand guards. I wish the sling slot were a little wider but it works.

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Kevon - Add Reply

Nice Accessory...Fit,s Perfect...Excellent Mount For A Bi-Pod Or Fore Grip...No Need To Change Front Hand Guard I Installed On My M&P 15...Could Not Be happier...It Is Also An Ambidextrous...Sling Mount.............

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Torey - Add Reply

Great little accessory. Kept looking at my Bayonet Lug knowing I would never attach a bayonet and wishing it was a Picatiny rail instead. This accessory took care of the problem and I was still able to re-attach my sling. I use the rail to attach a five position fore grip that can fold to the rear, and a bi-pod that folds forward to both sides of a 700 Lumen tach-light. They all fit tight and secure and do not interfere with each other. You may need a punch tool to remove the rivet holding your existing sling swivel.

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Alex - Add Reply

I put it on windham unit. I like it. The fit and finish was good. I choose to mount a handgrip to this rail. This slides on bayonet lug which is part of the gas block. You need to remove roll pin used to secure sling just forward of hand guard, with roll pin and sling hardware out of the way, put enclosed bolt though this lug rail. I think this might also be a great spot for laser site as well.

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Ron - Add Reply

Don't get me wrong, it's a good product, but after not being able to get a solid answer, I bought it to see. The major downfall in my opinion is that it completely covers the bayonet lug rendering it useless to me. Why put one part on that completely voids the use of a different part? And before you think you can, the position of the set screw makes it impossible to modify to accommodate the bayonet...

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