Beretta Micro-core Field Recoil Pad

Price Save Up to 36% from $54 to $34.49

A further step forward in performance. Soft, light and able to slide during shouldering. MICRO CORE is an innovative recoil pad developed by Beretta thanks to its experiance matured over decades on competition fields around the world. Thanks to the open cell technopolymer, softer, ligther and fittable. MICRO CORE expands gradually and instantly, increasing its surface area on the shoulder and giving the shotgun secure and precise support.

93.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Beretta Micro-core Field Recoil Pad
2-Beretta Micro-core Field Recoil Pad
3-Beretta Micro-core Field Recoil Pad

  • PROS
  • soft pad, effective
  • direct fit to most Beretta Field guns that use a 5" long pad
  • CONS
  • they are not cheap.

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Gregorio - Add Reply

These pads are a direct replacement for Beretta "field" (non Sporting) shotguns. These are the 5.0" pads. The Sporting pads are larger, 5-3/8" long. Also, the Beretta Micro-Core pads for Field guns come in .X9 increments - like .39", .59", .79". The Sporting pads come in .X1 increments - such as .51". .71", etc... They are good pads - softer and more effective than the older pads. If you have an older Beretta gun, you can likely upgrade to the Micro-Core, and increase or decrease the length of pull (LOP) while doing so, if you want. The LOP is measured from the center of the front of the trigger to the center of the rear of the recoil pad. So if your LOP seems to short, you can buy a thicker pads to possibly increase LOP. Also, Beretta makes 1/4" spacers for Field guns, but not their Sporting guns. These spacers are 5" long and go between the pad and wood stock. They are used to increase the LOP by a larger amount.

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Omer - Add Reply

I needed a thinner pad. I duck hunt hard and the factory pad that came with my A400 has had no problems, but wanted a thinner one (I'm not a bug guy) to more easily shoulder the gun when wearing a few heavy layers in the blind. Good product

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