Beretta Cheek Protector

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Manufactured to be regarded as a great item for nearly any person, we are sure you'll enjoy the Beretta Cheek Protector .

These Gun Accessories Store through the professional product professionals at Beretta are designed using heavy duty and efficient resources, to be able to supply you with a product that will be effective for quite some time. Designed using some of the best available substances and construction, these Gun Accessories Store through the product professionals at Beretta will last you an incredibly long time.

Beretta has been developing high quality merchandise for a very long time, and the Beretta Cheek Protector is their particular manner of showing you just how much they care.

At OpticsPlanet, we make it our responsibility to receive the best product for all your specifications, and presenting the Beretta Cheek Protector is a thing that we're happy to offer.

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Specifications for Beretta Cheek Protector:

Application: Shooting Accessory

Features of Beretta Check Protector:

  • The pad can be moved from gun to gun and put back into the package for use later.
  • It can be used on slug guns or trap guns if a shooter needs to raise the comb or point of impact.
  • It can be put on wood or synthetic stocks. It also eliminates bruised cheeks that trap shooters sometimes get.
  • It can be on hundreds of stocks and still works.
  • After you use the pad for awhile it may lose some of its stickiness. To fix it , just clean it with hand soap , let it dry and its sticky again.

1-Beretta Cheek Protector
2-Beretta Cheek Protector
3-Beretta Cheek Protector

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Davonte - Add Reply

For me they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Every shot gun stock I pick up is too low for my eye. I'm looking at the back of the receiver. I need 2 of these on the stock to get in the right position. Most shot guns give me some degree of cheek slap and these prevent it. Also one will stick on top of another and when taken off the wood, there is absolutely no marks, marring or residue left behind. They can be re-used or switched easily. I also prefer the gel pad against the cheek versus the wood which often pinches or drags the skin. I have tried other comb pads but found these to be the best. Plus they look better than the others, sort of blending with the wood to a degree.

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Adonis - Add Reply

Works really good to raise the POI of your shotgun and to give your cheek a bit of a cushion. Can be taken on and off if needed easily. Processing and shipping was fast and trouble free from Optics Planet.

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Brendan - Add Reply

I have a 682 gold for trap. I used to have a red cheek after I'd shoot a few rounds. This pad is great. Easy to apply and it stays on. What a relief it gives my cheek. Shooting is so much more comfortable now.

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Sebastian - Add Reply

I put the 0.24" pad on my 12 Ga Browning Lightning since the comb was a little low for me. First time out shooting skeet I broke 22, 20, 21, and 23 birds (86%). The pad gave me an excellent sight picture and a comfortable rest for my cheek. I could feel very little recoil. So for me, this was an excellent purchase for this particular gun.

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Lafayette - Add Reply

Great Product Pros: Comfort, ease of use Cons: None

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Quinn - Add Reply

Sticks ok to the wood. Raises the cheek height. Makes the comb feel more comfortable for those long 200-round competition trap days. But don't expect it to last a long time. After some use the rubber starts to decay and peel off where near the ends.

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Mackenzie - Add Reply

I purchased this for the Beretta A400 Explor Action. The photo makes it appear as though the protector is similar in color to the stock. It is actually clear with no color. The color of the stock does show through to some extent. The gel-feel check protector is easily applied/positionable on the stock and is comfortable on the cheek.

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Kacey - Add Reply

This does everything I had hoped. By increasing the height of my check above the stock, the raised point of impact for trap has been very helpful. Additionally, the cushioning effect for the cheek is certainly not a down side.

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Tito - Add Reply

Nice quality product. The cheek pad will not harm your stock of the gun and is easily removed. The pad also works well to slightly raise the point of aim for the shooter. It has soft surface that is also comfortable to the cheek when managing recoil from shooting of teen.

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Joel - Add Reply

This item was worth the money. It definitely takes some of the recoil out of a 3 1/2 " 12 gauge load and raises the comb of the stock for use with a red dot sight. Would recommend it to anyone needing help taming recoil or raising their line of sight with a shotgun.

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Hank - Add Reply

Item is exactly what I wanted. Easy on, clear, so its as unobtrusive as possible and raises the head for optics use perfectly. Plus its removable and reusable--a big improvement over other "comb raisers"

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