LOMO Astele 60 LER 47x60mm Spotting Scope A1210

With all the cheap plastic Maksutov spotting scopes on the market today, it's nice to see that one the original Maksutov spotting scopes, built by the people who made the Maksutov famous, is still made the old-fashioned way. The LOMO 60 LER (long eye-relief) is a solid, all-metal Maksutov spotting scope built in St Petersburg, Russia by old world craftsman.

The LOMO Astele 60mm Spotting Scope A1210, like all Maksutov spotting scopes, eliminates the color fringing that robs other designs of image sharpness, especially at higher powers. With a LOMO 60mm LER Maksutov spotting scope A1210, you get optical performance that can only be achieved by the most expensive designs in other spotting scopes. The LOMO 60 mm LER is also multi-coated to deliver the brightest images and, with its built-in image erecting system, you get correctly oriented images without the addition of other accessories. With a LOMO 60mm LER astele spotting scope , there is no need to settle for less than the best in either construction or optics!

The LOMO 60 LER is our long eye-relief version of our popular LOMO 60 series, designed especially for those who observe while wearing glasses or who prefer a wider field of view than the LOMO 60zm, our zoom version. With its user friendly eyepiece, the LOMO 60 ler is also a great choice for beginners or those who are not in a position to get close to the eyepiece .

At 47x, however, the LOMO 60 LER Astele 47 x 60 mm Ler Spotting Scope A1210 is still ready to deliver astonishing close-ups of wildlife or mountains on the moon. In fact, the wide field of view of this version of the LOMO 60 LER is perfect for framing large, open star clusters or bright nebulae on those dark nights under a clear sky.

Of course, you can always customize your LOMO 60mm LER with another eyepiece because the LOMO 60 LER 47x eyepiece can be removed instantly and replaced with ANY 1.25" telescope eyepieces on the market today. That's the kind of versatility you get with the LOMO 60 LER, but not the competition. The LOMO 60 LER is the only Maksutov spotting scope on the market today that offers such an advanced feature at a such a low price .

Focusing with the LOMO 60mm LER Spotting Scope is fast and positive with a large, easy to grasp, focusing ring at the front of the spotting scope. Close focus is an astonishing 10ft - better than most binoculars! This makes the LOMO 60 as useful at short range as it is at long range. This is a great choice for watching birds at a feeder!

You can also attach your LOMO 60mm ler on any camera tripod, full-size or compact! Even on the largest tripod, though, the LOMO 60's small size and weight makes it a joy to carry and use in the field. With its attractive blue sky map finish, the LOMO 60 LER is also a beautiful addition to your living room, deck or patio. This is a spotting scope that looks as good as it performs.

We are so confident of the quality of this versatile spotting scope, that we offer a full life-time warranty. Your LOMO 60 LER A1210 Spotting Scope is built to last for many years!

Download: Astele Spotting Scope Manual

Specifications for LOMO Astele 47x 60mm Ler Spotting Scope A1210:

Magnification:   47x with A9780 25mm Plossl eyepiece (included)
Objective Diameter:   60mm
Eyepiece Angle:   45 degree with built-in image erector
Eyepiece Type:   removable - uses any 1.25" standard telescope eyepiece
Focal Length:   1168mm
Coatings:   multi-coated
Field of View:   55ft. at 1000 yd. with 47x eyepiece
Minimum Focus Distance:   approximately 10ft.
Eye Relief:   18mm
Weatherproofing:   none
Camera adapters:   none
Mounting:   1/4x20 thread - fits any standard camera tripod
Dimensions:   (tube only) 3.2" x 12.6"
Weight:   38.4 oz

Features of LOMO Astele 60mm Spotting Scope A1210:

  • Maksutov optical tube assembly with built-in erect image prism

Package Contents:

  • LOMO 60 LER Astele 47x 60mm Spotting Scope A1210
  • One 47x Plossl eyepiece
  • Objective lens cap
  • Lens shade
  • Zippered nylon case with compartments for accessories

In addition to LOMO Astele 60 LER 47x60 Spotting Scope A1210, make sure to check other LOMO Spotting Scopes and other LOMO products offered in our store.

95.25 /100
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  • Performance


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Trent - Add Reply

Great optics for price. I purchased a Vixen 40mm eyepiece for lower power (under 30X) and was impressed with eye relief and clarity. Pros: Great Value Cons: Wanted lower power than 47X

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