Beretta Stock Spacer

Price Save 18% from $19.49 to $15.95

Adjust the length of pull of your CX4 to your specifications with this stock spacer.

89 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


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Specifications for Beretta Stock Spacer:

Application: Shooting Accessory

1-Beretta Stock Spacer

  • PROS
  • easy installation
  • Factory original part
  • Great for customized fit
  • CONS

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Roberto - Add Reply

These Beretta butt stock spacers for the CX4 pistol caliber carbine (PCC) rifle perform exactly as designed. They are simple to install with nothing more than a standard screwdriver. The only negative is that Beretta should include two with each CX4 sold. Presently, only one butt stock spacer is included with the CX4, and I required two additional spacers to achieve a proper length of pull. While I'm not King Kong, I am 6'-1" and wear a 35" sleeve. As such, my length of pull is a little longer than the average required by a shooter who's closer to the US average. So, why not include a second butt stock spacer which makes this +$800 PCC rifle a better fit "out of the box" for the average US shooter?

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Frederick - Add Reply

These work exactly as they are supposed to. I am 6'4" and it really made the gun more comfortable to shoulder by adding two additional spacers to the one that already comes with the gun. With the screw provided in the gun it allows you to use up the three spacers, but if you got a longer screw, you could add even more if you really needed to. I was a little nervous about ordering because another post mentioned that they wiggle or shift around a little, but all I can say to that is, his must not of been tightened down enough because mine has no play whatsoever. I would highly recommend them if you have longer arms.

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