Primus Footrest/Canister Stabilizer

Primus Footrest/Canister Stabilizer P-721171 on sale and available on our online store. The Foot Rest and Canister Stabilizer from Primus is recommended to increase the stability of camping stoves that screw directly onto the LP gas cartridge. This Primus Camping Gear Accessory works especially well when using large pots or cooking on uneven surfaces. To use, attach the footrest to the base of your cartridge. This camping gear accessory also fits other brand cartridges as well.

95 /100
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Specifications for Primus Footrest/Canister Stabilizer:

Weight: 0.8 oz
Application: Cooking
Stove Accessory: Stove Extra

Features of Primus Footrest and Canister Stabilizer P721171:

  • Recommended to increase the stability of stove
  • Great for using when cooking with large pot or on uneven surfaces
  • Attaches to the base of the cartridge
  • Fits other brand cartridges

1-Primus Footrest/Canister Stabilizer

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Maxwell - Add Reply

It fits all brands' LP gas cartridge. Pros: Well make

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