Lumenok Crossbow Nock

Price Save Up to 36% from $14.52 to $9.29

Lighted crossbow nock offers the shooter the ability to see shot placement and make bolt retrieval easier. Nock is activated by the force of the string on the shot and deactivated by slightly pulling the nock away from the arrow shaft. For use in 2219 aluminum crossbow bolts.

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Features of Lumenok Crossbow Nock:

  • The Lumenok is a lighted arrow nock used for shot placement recognition & arrow retrieval.
  • Equipped with easily replaceable battery . Uses RB 425

1-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
2-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
3-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
4-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
5-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
6-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
7-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
8-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
9-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
10-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
11-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
12-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
13-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
14-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
15-Lumenok Crossbow Nock
16-Lumenok Crossbow Nock

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Jevon - Add Reply

These nocks have worked ok with my matrix 380. Reliable ignition. Id like it better if the nock weights were more consistent, but the difference wasn't enough to mess with grouping. Be careful changing batteries...very easy to short them whle installing.

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