Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses

Original Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses for Bolle Parole sunglasses Bolle Parole sunglasses.  Awesome fit and a ton of replacement lens options.

Whether you're slicing through the powder, biking down the mountain or cutting up the trail, Bolle Parole Sunglasses are the sunglasses you need. Featuring the Bolle versatile interchangeable lens system.

Get the extra bolle lenses that you want!.

Bolle Parole Sunglasses keep up with the changing conditions of any sport. Specially designed Bolle lenses wrap around your face, protecting you from the elements. Exclusive to this line the Parole frame features the patented Sports Optical System SOS Rx adapter (optional) that snaps in easily behind the lens without altering the nosepiece. Enjoy true vision and protection with no discomfort.  We offer blank Bolle Parole Rx adapters so your optician can fill your prescription, or we can have Bolle prescription lab send you a Bolle Action Sport Vigilante/Parole Rx SOS Adapter with prescription filled. with CR-39™ Clear Lenses.

  • Bolle Parole sunglasses and Bolle Vigilante Sunglasses are lightweight sunglasses with interchangeable lenses are a superb example of Bolle Glasses and Frame Technology.
  • Specifically designed Sport Specific lenses
    • Bolle Competivision teal green lenses are designed specifically for tennis. Bolle Competivision Tennis Sunglasses increase the visibility of the tennis ball and provide 100% UV protection. Bolle Competivision highlights optic yellow while muting all other colors. This Bolle sun glass lens is perfect for tennis and softball players and fans.   Bolle Competivision sunglasses lenses act like filters, carefully muting all colors in the spectrum except optic yellow. The result is amazing: a tennis ball that literally pops out of the background. That's why Bolle Competivision sunglass line is the official eyewear of the US Professional Tennis Association.
    • Bolle EagleVision 2 specifically designed for the links Bolle's Golf frames incorporate sport specific function with polarized lens technology for the ultimate golfing experience and Bolle EagleVision 2 lenses enhance contrast at the green part of the color spectrum, help you see brakes in the green and reduce annoying glare. With Bolle's Golf Sunglasses, you'll be ready to go pro.
    • Bolle EagleVision 2High contrast cinnamon Bolle lens that helps highlight the different contrasts in green colors and enhance visual acuity on the golf course.  Bolle's Action Sport Golf sunglasses collection, the preferred eyewear for golfing pros. Included in this line is the proprietary Bolle EagleVision 2 lenswhich enhances contrast at the green part of the color spectrum. Now you can see difficult breaks in the green while reducing annoying glare.
    • Bole sunglass frames are very lightweight and durable with adjustable wire core temples that provide nice custom fit.
    • Both Bolle Parole sunglasses and Bolle Vigilante Sunglasses  models available in Silver frames with black rubberized temples and Black frames with black rubberized temples.
    • 100% Original and Authentic optional Bolle Parole replacement lenses are available.  You can have a different extra Bolle Parolle sunglasses lens set for every day
    • All our Bolle Parole sunglasses come with a nice Authentic Bolle Parole sunglasses case that can store THREE More Optional Bolle Parole lens sets and micro fiber Cleaning Cloth!

    Bolle Parole Sunglasses Lens Features

    • UVA/UVB Protection - Bolle exceeds the industry standard with 100%UVA/UVB protection.
    • Bolle Polycarbonate (PC) Lenses - Ultra-lightweight and virtually shatterproof, Bolle's premium grade plastic resin lens is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and one-third of the weight.
    • Bolle P3 Technology - Performance, Polycarbonate, Polarized lenses provide the ultimate in lens technology.
    • Bolle Carbo-Glass Coating - Applied to both sides of the lens, this coating provides superior scratch resistance.
    • Bolle Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating - Scientifically engineered coating applied to the back of lenses to provide protection from backside glare, keeping optics crystal clear.
    • ANSI Standards - All Bolle lenses exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements for UV protections, impact resistance and optical clarity.
    • Polarization (in polarized lenses) - Embedded in the lens, this scientifically engineered filter fights extreme glare and reflections, enhancing visual acuity.  Bolle Polarized sunglasses are simply awesome!
    • Bolle Optics Control System - (Select nylon interchangeable-lens frame styles) Unique interchangeable lens system provides you with exactly the right lens for the light conditions you face.

Bolle Parole Sunglasses Interchangeable Lens replacement

To remove the Bolle Parole lenses, hold the frame upside-down with both hands and the temple tips pointing away from you. Place your thumbs underneath the bridge of the frame. Place your index fingers around the lens corners near the nose pads. While pushing lip with your thumbs, pull out with your index fingers. You should feel the lens become separated from the nose piece area. Carefully slide the Bolle lens out of the frame channels, and store your lenses in the accompanying pouch for protection. To insert the Bolle Parole lenses: Keep the frame upside-down and carefully insert the corner tab of each lens in the channel on the frame and slide down the channel until the corner of the lens is flush to the frame corner. Now, align the inside of the lens into the channel on the nosepiece. Slide the Bolle lens down in this channel until the cut-out tab on the lens locks in place on the nosepiece. You should hear a snap. The Bolle frames Bolle Parole sunglassesARE MADE FROM A VERY FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE NYLON MATERIAL. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FLEX THE FRAME IN ORDER TO GET THE LENSES SNAPPED IN PLACE. REPEAT THE PROCESS FOR THE OTHER LENS.

Available options of Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement:

  • 50084: Bolle Parole Replacement Lenses Pair Citrus
  • Lens-50035: Bolle Parole Replacement Lens and accessory lenses - TNS
  • 50033: Bolle Parole Replacement Lens - Clear
  • 50036: Bolle Parole Replacement Lens and accessory lenses - TNS Gun
  • 50034: Bolle Parole Replacement Lenses Pair Eagle2
  • 50083: Bolle Parole Replacement Lenses Pair Competivision
  • 50114: Bolle Parole Replacement Lenses Pair Polarized Sandstone

89.25 /100
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  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
2-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
3-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
4-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
5-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
6-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
7-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
8-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
9-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses
10-Bolle Parole Sunglasses Replacement and accessory lenses

  • PROS
  • variety of lenses
  • CONS

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Hershel - Add Reply

I didn't realize how much I liked these until I thought I'd have to get a different pair. For prescription sunglasses with bifocals and a variety of lenses there is no other option that I could find. I've had two pair of Bolle Paroles and about six sets of replaceable lenses over ten years. I hope they never stop making them.

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Berry - Add Reply

These lens provide exceptional glare reduction and allow for extended periods of time in harsh lighting environments without the resulting eye strain or fatige. I have tried several different lenses and other brands and have not found a lens that works better than the Bolle Polarized Sandstone lens. I use it hunting and fishing with great results. Pros: easy to install

You must be logged in to post a comment.
Wiley - Add Reply

Very good wrap around sunglasses. They don't cost an arm and a leg and have many choices of lens types and colors. Pros: Availability, replacability, color choices, price

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Devin - Add Reply

At one time I could trust Bolle. Now I'm not so sure. Nose pieces have rotted over time. Ear pieces cannot be used with Croakies or any head/neck cord. Just slide off. The RX SOS optics has save me a bunch of money over the years. Well worth the effort for safety and surviability alone. Pros: RX inserts are great Cons: Nose pieces and ear guards are Chinese garbage

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Danny - Add Reply

Almost a great product. Ever since Bolle and others went to the Chinese option the product reliability and quality have gone under the Great Wall. Nose pieces and ear pieces fall apart. Very difficult to get head strap to stay in place and not fall off with ear pieces. Good news repairs are possible with Bushnell. Bad news cast is ridiculous. Still better than buying new Rx's everytime one crashes on the ski slopes or getting slapped up the side of the head. If Bolle could return to the old quality of Bolle these would be these best ever. Now, not so much. Pros: lightweight, lens interchangeability, Rx inserts Cons: Chinese quality in nose and ear piece.

You must be logged in to post a comment.
Fern - Add Reply

A great lens for cycling in all light conditions. Pros: Great for cycling. Cons: none

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Jocelyn - Add Reply

The Bole Parole replacement lenses are precisely as described - right down to the Optics Planet highlighted note that they will not fit sunglasses older than 2006. I KNEW I had purchased the glasses (elsewhere) more recently than 2006. I did not know that they had apparently been sitting on the other retailer’s shelf for quite some time and the replacements didn’t fit just, as I had been warned. This is the real review: Although the error was my fault, even after having been warned, Optics Planet handled the return and credit quickly and courteously with out saying “I told you so”. Five stars for the customer service. I’ll be back.

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Domingo - Add Reply

Great lenses and customer service. Wish more lens options for the original Bolle Parole glasses were available. Pros: Great all around lens.

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Camren - Add Reply

The best lenses for driving with rain or fog Pros: Great for fog and rain

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Ewell - Add Reply

I love these sunglasses and am so happy to find reasonable replacement lenses. Pros: awesome Cons: none

You must be logged in to post a comment.
Allan - Add Reply

these "blue" lenses are perfect for tennis. i've been using them for three years. once in a while they get scratched and i have to replace them. i always buy from Optics Planet because of a good price and timely delivery.

You must be logged in to post a comment.
Albert - Add Reply

It was a little confusing with the options for the replacement lens. Bolle Parole Replacement Lenses Pair Citrus Included then the next line is Bolle Parole Replacement Lens - Citrus 'add $2'? Seems like the same lens. Pros: Quick Order Cons: Not so easy to know the color.

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Mark - Add Reply

I broke one lens a few weeks ago, and wear these sunglasses a lot for running, biking, and yard work. The replacements fit perfectly, and were delivered quickly.

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Rogelio - Add Reply

Great alternate lenses Pros: Lens provide great color differenciation

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Layne - Add Reply

good price and good merchandise Pros: good price

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Xzavier - Add Reply

Replacement of my 6 year old lenses. Its like a new pair of sunglasses for less than $40! Bolle makes a fantastic product. I wear these glasses to play tennis, shoot, fish, boat, bike and hike. I have 3 different color lenses and the frame for my prescription lenses. This is a great package for all of my sporting activities.

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