Minelab Pro-Sonic Wireless Module

Minelab PRO-SONIC Wireless Module, easy to use with headphone or built-in speaker, compatible with any Minelab Detector. The PRO-SONIC system is easy to set up and gives a clear signal from the detectors, eliminating annoying headphone cable issues.

Specifications for Minelab Pro-Sonic Wireless Module:

Color: Black
Battery Type: Stand Alone Lithium
Age Group: Adults
Gender: Unisex

Features of Minelab Minelab Pro-Sonic Wireless Module

  • Use headphone or built-in speaker
  • Adjustable volume setting
  • 32 ft. / 10m operating range
  • Charge from your car, AC power or USB charger

1-Minelab Pro-Sonic Wireless Module

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